2014 True Color Sale Consignments




Lot 21 Stoney Point Farm Jasmine Belle
DOB: 1/1-13
Sire: SGR Polar's Iron Man #10535586
Dam: Stoney Point Farm Bella Sara #10460849.
This fullblood doe is a large bodied doe with a lot of length and femininity. She is very elegant with her beautiful neck extension and great head shape. She comes from a great doe line we've had from the very beginning! Her teats are a clean 2&2.
Lot 51 Stoney Point Farm Tootsie Pop
DOB 2/16/14
Sire: Stoney Point Farm Flashback #10500450
Dam: Stoney Point Farm Darla #10472930 Tootsie is a fullblood doeling that would be great for a young showman. She is a bottle baby and is doing great on the lead already! She is very square on her corners and has great width to her as well. She is so sweet and will be hard to let go! Max will be showing her in the spring ABGA shows!!

Lot 31 Stoney Point Farm Floral
Sire: Stoney Point Farm Romeo #10460857
Dam: Stoney Point Farm Vinca #10319541 This purebred is a very deep bodied doe with a lot of width in the front end. She comes from a line of percentage does that goes back to the first boer cross does to come to the state of Oh and Stoney Point Farm in 1996. We have kept this line around many years because they are solid. We have shown many percentage and purebred does from this line. They are wonderful mothers as well, easy kidders and great milkers. She is probably the last Romeo daughter we will sell as we lost him this past year. Her teats are a clean 2&2



John, Mary, & Julie Morrow
Jenna & Jaylee Jordan
13140 Stoney Point Road
New Concord, Ohio 43762
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