Welcome to Stoney Point Farm!!!!!!!!

Our farm is located in New Concord, Ohio; which is in the South East part of the state. The farm itself is at the beginning of a large hollow that is very stoney; hence the name Stoney Point Farm. SPF is one of family and change, as a child I remember it being my family’s dairy farm, later John and I tried raising beef cattle, but the hollow gave us a limited amount of pasture field, cattle weren’t the animals to be raised at Stoney Point. Through our youngest daughter, and 4-H, Pygmy goats came into the picture, and as we read and learned we became familiar and impressed with the Boer breed. We realized that they would be perfect for our farm and our farm perfect for them. In August 1996 we purchased our first eight does and a buck and we have been building and growing ever since. Today SPF’s herd consists of approximately two hundred Boer goats, which includes fullblood, percentage and commercial does along with our herdsires. We emphasize on genetics and herd balance,and have tried to keep an open mind and change as needed. Julie is a certified 4-H meat goat judge and enjoys judging fairs etc, and working with the 4-H and FFA children. We are members of the American Boer Goat Association. Jaylee, Megan & Max are current JABGA members. We also raise registered AKC Great Pyrenees dogs, registered NPGA Pygmy goats and have ventured into raising registered AMHA Miniature Horses. But, one of the things we all enjoy most is people dropping in for a visit, so, give us a call and come visit Stoney Point Farm!


John, Mary, & Julie Morrow
Jenna & Jaylee Jordan
13140 Stoney Point Road
New Concord, Ohio 43762
Ohio Boer Goat
American Boer Goat
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